A few pieces with my name on 'em:

  • Atlanta Resurgens, Lapham's Quarterly. Atlanta often seems to me a place without a history and yet circumscribed by its history. Here's a little meditation on the paradox.
  • This Train Is Bound for Glory, This Train..., The Bitter Southerner. Remember the Southern Crescent? Me neither. But I spent seven days on its descendant, the Amtrak Crescent, with the absurdly capable photographer Artem Nazarov, and together we produced this.
  • The Many Battles of Atlanta, The Bitter Southerner. A few years ago I walked out my front door and walked the path of Hardee's corps the night before the Battle of Atlanta, some 12 miles or so through territory that was once wilderness and in many ways still is today, even though it's mostly within the city limits. This is the story of that walk.
  • Twain's Bike Lessons, Poets & Writers. In 2011 I biked from Bemidji, Mississippi to New Orleans — some 2000+ miles over 28 days, give or take. I got enough stories out of it to last a lifetime. Here's one.